Find out the ideal activity...

From the team of Alella Wine Tours we want to offer a wide range of activities for companies; So that its members cooperate and collaborate in a group besides spending a pleasant time.

Please ask for more information to deepen the activities you want.


The members of each group, under the instructions of our chef and a guide of the ingredients, will have the opportunity to create their own “culinary work”, a paella, as their lunch or dinner.

While cooking, they will be able to enjoy some wine and tapas.

Our chef will make sure that the paellas are ready, and he/she will give his/her verdict on the tastiest and best presented one. Then participants will sit to taste their paellas.

The price includes:

- Appetizer (4 references)

- The paella cooked by customers

- Dessert  and coffee

- Wines DO Alella

- Prize for the winning team

Duration between 4-5 hours.

Tastings and Sensorial Activities

At Alella Wine Tours we can offer a range of tastings to discover new flavors and sensations. Our team of Sommelierswill introduce you to the wide world of flavors.

The different tastings that can be carried out with our Sommeliers are:

- Wine tasting

- Cheese Tasting

- Tasting of Iberian

- Tasting of Oils and Olives

- Wine tasting and Chocolates

- Honey Tasting

This activity could later be combined with a dinner maridage.

Estimated time of duration: 1h 30 min.

"Wine making"

A unique and unforgettable experience. We give you the opportunity to create your own wine, taking into account the varieties, create the packaging, the sales strategy, the slogan ... We give you the opportunity to create a unique wine.

By groups, customers will create their own wine and defend it against other teams. A group of judges will be responsible for deciding which wine is most successful, which has a good packaging, which has the best slogan ... And the winning team will get a reward!

The activity includes:

- Wines to mix

- Bottle of wine basin

- Wine bottling

- Judges

- Award for the winning team

Estimated duration of the activity: 3 - 4 hours.